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Food & Nutraceutical Analytical Testing

Food and dietary supplement testing is essential towards meeting regulatory requirements and consumer safety. We support companies to meet regulatory and retailer requirements.

Testing Services:

- Contaminant Screening (heavy metals, microbiology, pesticides)

- Verification of ingredient/potency

- Label claim substantiation

- Nutritional Profile

- Disintegration/Dissolution Testing

- Moisture Content

Cosmetics & Personal care Formulation & Testing

We support formulators and manufacturers with analytical testing across all types of topical products. Our in-house cosmetic formulators can work with you to create market leading products.

Testing Services:

- Contaminant Screening (heavy metals, microbiology)

- Preservative Challenge

- Stability Challenge

herbal & Botanical identification 

We have extensive knowledge in testing techniques to ensure accuracy and safety of your herbal ingredients.​

Testing Services:

- Raw Material Identification (HPLC, HPLTLC, IS, UV)

- Adulteration Testing

- Fingerprinting


Our scientific and regulatory team have the experience and resources to design individualised studies to meet your product needs for claim substantiation or regulatory requirements. Our in-house GMP certified cosmetics and nutraceutical manufacturing facilities can handle pilot batch to commercial volumes.

Industries Supported:

- Food and Nutraceutical

- Cosmetics and Personal Care

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